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Gene Lacy, Owner

Gene Lacy, owner of Domestic Security Investigations, served as a police officer for more than 24 years with two major law enforcement agencies, the majority of his service was spent as an Investigator, Detective, Detective Sergeant, Detective Lieutenant, and as Commander of the Criminal Investigation Division. Mr. Lacy conducted countless investigations for crimes against persons and property and interviewed hundreds of victims, witnesses, suspects, and police officer applicants from all walks of life.  Mr. Lacy also served as the agency’s Training Officer, coordinating administrative activities required to support the police academy’s new officer and in-service training programs, also served as a Lead Instructor in the areas of firearms training, use of force, officer safety, criminal law, and criminal investigations.

Mr. Lacy has also worked as a contract investigator/instructor for more than twenty years, and is certified by state and nationally recognized organizations to provide instruction in several subjects including but not limited to security officer core subjects, private investigator, arrest authority, personal protection and firearms

Email: glacy@dsidetectives.com


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