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The world around us is changing dramatically and demands our attention. The threat of sudden acts of terrorism both domestic and international is now a daily realism. Terrorism is an indiscriminate crime that comes in varying forms of threats, violence, and is used primarily to attain political goals of one form or another. Terrorist generate fear through acts of violence, intimidation, and coercion. We as Americans must not only focus on threats from foreign born militants but also from home grown extremist that demand redress for some perceived wrong that was done to them or a group of like individuals. Security can no longer be an afterthought. The consequences of apathy can mean the difference of life or death. Security for all Americans, is now one of the highest priorities we can have. Domestic Security Investigations would like to provide your company or business with our professional training services designed to meet the growing needs of your company.

DSI offers training in the following areas:


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