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Firearms Training

Instructor Staff

At Domestic Security Investigations we take a unique approach to your development. We use multiple instructors, all of whom have strengths in different areas of firearms training, tactical weapons, police tactics, military tactics, armed security, armed personal defense, unarmed defense, all of which are available to. We believe that this team approach to training ensures that the student receives the very best training possible, in a safe and friendly environment.

  DSI Instructors are certified by the National Rifle Association.

Our Firearms Instructors are all professionals certified by the National Rifle Association as Law Enforcement Instructors, Certified Pistol Instructors, Certified Shotgun Instructors, Certified Personal Protection Instructors, Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructors, and Range Safety Officers. In addition most of the instructors have P.O.S.T Law Enforcement Academy Instructor Certifications


Course Summaries available for Download [PDF Format]:

Other Firearms Courses

  • Maryland Handgun Permit Course
  • Virginia Concealed Handgun Permit Course
  • Defensive Shotgun
  • Personal Protection (Outside the Home)
  • Tactical Handgun

Advanced Training

Enhanced Shotgun Training (16 hours)
This course is only open to Law Enforcement, Military, and Armed Security Personnel. This 2 day program is open to current Firearms Instructors, to sharpen their shotgun training. This course will be a combination of classroom (detail on shotgun nomenclature, ammunition selection, weapon accessories and slings) and live fire.

Participants will be required to bring a gun belt, service weapon and 5 rounds of slug, 10 rounds of 00 buck and 25 rounds of # 8 shot for the shotgun and 50 rounds of handgun ammunition.

Private Lessons

This is the prefect class for those who want one-on-one training. This course is designed to go at your pace covering the topics of gun safety, gun handling, and proper storage. Also offering an introduction into the fundamentals of pistol shooting,  marksmanship, and pistol firing positions. This course concludes with live fire at a local range practicing all the skills reviewed in class. If you have had little to no experience with a pistol, then this is the class for you.


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